How To Easily Show Your Network Marketing Business With Success!

Brand new network marketing business started, check.  Ready to change your financial future, check.  Finally have a solid plan to fire your loser boss, check check.  Ok so where the heck do you go from here?

Panic sets in, OH NO, how on earth will I make this work?

If you are new to network marketing then chances are this is exactly how you feel.  Did you know that ¾ of the people that join an MLM business opportunity will never show more than two people? 

The dream is there at first and everyone at your MLM Company events are so positive, man are you feeling stoked or what? Then reality sets in and you have to go to work, on your BIZness.  (Yes I spell words wrong on purpose)

Kill that fear inside and settle down. Multi level marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and you have many things to learn.

 I assume you have made a good choice and your new MLM Company’s leadership is rock solid.  Not to mention, you made sure your network marketing product is relevant.  Most likely they have great content that you can study so you will be able to promote products with pride. 

All beginners in network marketing will most likely start with their warm market first and this is the reason every MLM company on the planet tells you to make a list of 200 people that know you by first name.  Yes, believe it or not you do know this many people ok.   Now, here’s the deal; only around  20 % of these people are going to take you seriously.  But wait, these are my family and friends?  They know you the best and unless you approach them properly about your MLM will gladly tell you NO.  I want to stress this up front; being told no in network marketing is not the end of the world.  You will need to go through at least 30 no way, you are crazy, and those things don’t work, etc so that you learn the necessary skills needed to succeed in any home based business. 

If you have the desire to reach your dream life then these no’s will matter about as much as who won American Idol.  Who cares, so please don’t take it personal.  Truth is that this MLM business is not for everyone because so many people are closed minded.  Multilevel marketing is a road map to financial freedom but most feel comfortable working for someone else their whole life.  So just know that going in and Never, Ever, Everrrrr let anyone convince you to quit. 

So, here is a network marketing technique I was taught to show your warm market what you are doing.  It’s more effective than Kobe Bryant’s jump shot, FOR REAL people. 

All Star Network Marketing Training Tip

Step 1 – Call your contact (friend/ family member) and be in a hurry.  Act like you are Donald Trump and you are 5 minutes late to a meeting.  Seriously.  Successful people are busy making things happen and it is no different in network marketing! 

Step 2 – Clear a time and place to show them.  Be specific and preferably the same day.  I’d even wait until after lunch to ask because people are such flakes now days.  They will bail on you to do absolutely nothing if you give them too much time. 

Step 3 – Have some excitement in your voice.  You need to create curiosity to hold their attention.  They are probably texting or Facebooking while talking to you so get their mind wandering. 

Step 4Confirm that you are good to go on the meeting.  This is mainly a reminder to help with their A.D.D. or lack of attention span that most people have during the day at their action packed corporate job.  (blah blah) 

So let’s see a great example of this and then go get your sexy self in the mirror to practice!

Friend – What Up MAN?

You – Hey, I’m just about to go into a meeting but listen, what are you doing tonight at 7pm?

Friend – Not a dang thing, why what’s shakin?

You – Oh man, I have something really freakin awesome I am going to show you then!!

Friend – Cool, what is it?

You – I have to go now, but I’ll show you everything tonight at 7pm.  Peace -CLICK

It’s as simple as that my friend, nothing more.  Do NOT tell them why, what, or anything about a network marketing opportunity. If they resist then tell them you’ll have to reschedule.  Just don’t go blabbing on the phone about your MLM business or awesome network marketing training because if you do then you will have burnt one of your best prospects. 

 These people trust you right, if so then they won’t question you to hard if you have to hang up.  Especially if you sound and act like this man on your left! 

Make it happen!


 P.S. Donald Trump actually started a network marketing company and openly promotes this method of business.  Google it…..

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